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Investigator: Andrews, P.

Understanding the molecular basis of plant response to organic versus conventional fertilizer using a metatranscriptomic approach

This project addresses breeding, varietal selection, management practices, processing, or marketing practices to increase food quality, nutrition, safety or access. In a previous study, we…

Understanding the molecular basis of phytonutrient composition differences in organic tomatoes via quantitative transcriptome analysis

In an ongoing BIOAg supported study, it has been shown that tomatoes grown with organic nitrogen sources had higher phytonutrient contents than those fertilized with…

Phytonutrients and Genomics of Organic Tomatoes: Soil Fertility and/or Plant Defense

In previous studies, we showed that apples, strawberries, and tomatoes grown with organic nitrogen fertilizer sources had higher phytochemical contents than those fertilized with readily…

Effects of High Tunnels and Biodegradable Mulch Use on Fruit Quality and Yield in High-value Crops

High tunnels enhance and extend crop production by increasing air temperature and protecting the crop from rainfall. In high tunnel production systems, weeds are often…

Nutritional Quality of Organic Fruits: Influence of Processing on Phenolic Compounds, Ascorbic Acid

Nutrient Quality and Disease Prevention Benefits of Organic versus Conventional Tomatoes and their Products