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Inspired solutions for the future of agriculture and the environment.
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Investigator: Johnson, K.

Sustainable Crop-Livestock Integration for System Health in the Dryland Inland Pacific Northwest

Dryland wheat-fallow producers have begun switching to a direct seed tillage system for soil health benefits such as reduced runoff, increased water infiltration, increased consistency…

Flexible Farming (FlexFarm) Production Systems: Integrating Crops and Livestock for Diverse, Resilient, and Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes

Our overall research goal is to contribute to global, national, and regional food security and the ecological and economic sustainability of the inland Pacific Northwest’s…

Biennial Canola for Forage and Ecosystem Improvement in Dryland Cropping Systems

This work was a demonstration of concept that in year 1 canola can be intercropped with peas and the forage ensiled 70 days later, and…