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Investigator: Jones, V.

Spatial and temporal dynamics of attracting green lacewings to synthetic lures in apple orchards for pest suppression

The discovery of volatile phytochemicals that affect natural enemy (NE) populations has stimulated interest in using synthetic versions to manipulate NE populations for pest suppression.…

Organic tree-fruit pest management – (OREI)

Quantifying biological control of pear psylla in a cover crop system

SUMMARY Effects of an alfalfa cover crop on biological control of pear psylla and tree nutrition was assessed. The bullet points below summarize findings. Experimental…

Assessing effects of an alfalfa cover crop on biological control and tree nutrition in organic pear orchards

Organic pear growers must balance the conflicting pressures between nitrogen levels and densities of pear psylla, a nitrogen-loving pest of pears. We are assessing in…