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Inspired solutions for the future of agriculture and the environment.
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Investigator: Reganold, J.

Biodiversity and the Natural Suppression of Human Pathogens

Restoring livestock to mixed-vegetable farms allows on-farm fertilizer production and the sale of high-value meat products.  Likewise, diversifying farms with native plants provides habitat for…

Introducing Organic Quinoa Production Systems in the Palouse

The popularity of quinoa in the past decade has quadrupled prices at U.S. retail outlets. For all this demand, the vast majority of the quinoa…

Learning Organic Agriculture at WSU

Nitrogen Supply and Partitioning in Managed Understories of Organic Apples

Sustainable methods of nitrogen (N) fertility and weed management in organic production systems remain a challenge. Composted animal manures are commonly used to supply N,…