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Keyword: Biofuels

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Organic Waste to Resources Research and Pilot Project Report: Waste to Fuels Technology: Evaluating Three Technology Options and the Economics for Converting Biomass to Fuels

Hayk Khachatryan, Ken Casavant, and Eric Jessup, Jie Chen, Shulin Chen, and Craig Frear, September 2009. This study further investigated biomass from the 2005 biomass…

Organic Waste to Resources Research and Pilot Project Report: The Next Step for Biomass Energy Development in Clallam County

Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development, Institute forWashington′s Future, and Northwest Cooperative Development Center, September 2009. New technologies allow us to harness the energy in…

Organic Waste to Resources and Pilot Project Report: Biodiesel and Biohydrogen Co-Production with Treatment of High Solid Food Waste

Yubin Zheng, Jingwei Ma, Zhanyou Chi, and Shulin Chen, September 2009. two-step process was developed as a potential technology to produce hydrogen and biodiesel from…

Organic Waste to Resources Research and Pilot Project Report: New Biorefinery Concept to Convert Softwood Bark to Transportation Fuels Final Report to the Washington State Department of Ecology

Manuel Garcia-Perez, Shulin Chen, Shuai Zhou,Zhouhong Wang, Jieni Lian, Robert Lee Johnson, Shi-Shen Liaw and Oisik Das, September 2009. This project tested a new pretreatment…

Trade-offs between bio-energy and soil carbon sequestration on the Palouse: Evaluating Sustainable Options.

Poster presented at 2008 BIOAg Symposium. Pullman, WA.

A Rising Price Tide has Raised All Commodities, but Winter Canola Still Nets Less than Soft White Winter Wheat in the Irrigated Columbia Basin.

2008 Dryland Field Day Abstracts: Highlights of Research Progress, pp. 20-21. Crop & Soil Sciences, WSU.

Soybeans Successfully Produced in the Treasure Valley – Spring 2008

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter

Crop Residue Use: Evaluating Trade-offs

2007 Crops & Soils Field Day Proceedings.

Assessing the Economic Impact of Energy Price Increases on Washington Agriculture and the Washington Economy: A General Equilibrium Approach.

Working Paper 2007-14, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University, 2007.

25x’25 is the Path to a Secure and Clean Energy Future – Summer 2007

Article in Sustaining the Pacific Northwest Newsletter
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