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Kruger leads CSANR and WSU Mount Vernon

Posted by Tara Zimmerman | August 18, 2015

KrugerAs many of you may now know, CSANR director Chad Kruger is now the new director for the Washington State University Mount Vernon Northwestern Research and Extension Center (NWREC) as of yesterday, August 17th.  Chad will continue to direct CSANR but he will now be located in Mount Vernon.

For more information about this change please see the press release by Sylvia Kantor. Congratulations, Chad!

One thought on "Kruger leads CSANR and WSU Mount Vernon"

  1. Elisha Ondov says:

    Dear Chad Kruger,

    My name is Elisha Ondov and I may have a quick question for you.

    I just got into the book called “The Soil Will Save us”, and in the chapter I am on, it has spoken about Alan Savory’s planned grazing approach. In the book, it seems that you were not for his approach due to lack of numerical evidence and data. After just now learning about the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural resources at WSU and quickly glancing at the associated webpage ( despite attending the University for the past 6 years, has your opinion changed to support Savory’s approach?

    Thanks for your time and response.

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