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New organic reports available

Posted by Tara Zimmerman | September 10, 2015

Organic ag in WA Two new reports on organic agriculture in Washington State are now available at the WSU Organic Statistics webpage. Current Status of Certified Organic Agriculture in Washington State:2014 provides the most recent data on crop acreage, dairy cow numbers, and gross sales, in addition to data on global and national trends. Recent Trends in Certified Organic Tree Fruit:2014 goes into more specific detail on organic apples, pears and other tree fruit crops, and includes the most recent trend data internationally. Also, information on the economics of organic apple production is presented, along with projections of organic tree fruit area growth in the next few years. Both reports are in powerpoint format, but annotated with supporting text to help explain the graphs and tables.  recent trends tree fruitThese reports are the continuation of more than 10 years of annual summaries developed by Elizabeth Kirby and David Granatstein at WSU.

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