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Nutrient Recovery Technology Field Day

Friday, April 20th 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Edaleen Dairy & Bellewood Acres, Lynden, WA

With 70 attendees, the Nutrient Recovery Technology Field Day on April 20, 2018 was a great success!  Thanks to wonderful partners Edaleen Dairy, The Mobile Struvite Project, Multiform Harvest, and Regenis.  Regenis even tried some Facebook Live recordings during the event!  Have a look here:  URL (and forgive the rocky start in the videos!).  We are grateful to all who attended and we’d love your feedback for future events!

The field day focused on two different types of nutrient recovery technology:

  • A dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit operating at Edaleen Dairy removes fine solids from manure wastewater.
  • WSU Extension’s mobile struvite system demonstrated struvite fluidized bed technology, which captures phosphorus in liquid dairy manure in the form of struvite, an easy to handle fertilizer source.

Participants saw these technologies in action and learned more about them from WSU researchers and their commercial partners. Topics covered included operation and management of these systems, resulting products and their agronomic use, and the economics of incorporating nutrient recovery technology on a dairy.


To inquire about future events, please contact Karen Hills

 For more information please see the video and publications below:

Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure

The Rationale for the Recovery of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from Dairy Manure

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The field day was supported by Natural Resource Conservation Service Agreement #693A7516020, Agreement #693A751751, and Biomass Research Funds from the Washington State University Agricultural Research Center.