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OFoot Focus Farms

The Role of OFoot Focus Farms

A row of green plants in a fieldBoth a research model and a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool are being developed through the OFoot project. The OFoot LCA tool will evaluate the impacts (contribution or mitigation) of organic farming methods on climate change. Currently, LCA is a tool of academics and consultants. The OFoot project is working with organic producers to develop an LCA tool that is usable by the general public. This is a joint activity of the modeling team, outreach team, and grower participants.

A small set of “Focus Farms” are helping to shape the contents and format of the LCA tool, are serving as validation sites for the model outputs, and are assessment sites for system-level LCA analysis. The 5 focus farms (listed below) will be subject to an in-depth analysis using the OFoot LCA tool. The analysis will produce a total farm carbon footprint including quantitative
estimates of carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas production, and nutrient bioavailability in the farm as a whole and in component subsystems.

Analysis of working farms and identification of their positive and negative climate change impact could lead to organic farming methods and systems that

*maximize soil carbon storage

*minimize greenhouse gas production

*minimize total carbon footprint, and

*thereby contribute further to critical ecosystem services including global temperature moderation.

Focus Farms

People on a farmApril Joy Farm, Ridgefield, WA (Photos this page from a recent visit to April Joy Farm)

Farmer, April Jones

Lazy R Ranch, Cheney, WA

Farmer, Maurice Robinette

Lenwood Farms, Connell, WA

Farmer, Brad Bailie

S&S Homestead Farm, Lopez, WA

Farmer, Henning Sehmsdorf

Cloudview Ecofarms, Royal City, WA

Farmer, Jim Baird


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