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2017 BIOAg Poster Session

Posters were presented at the 2017 BIOAg Symposium on a diverse array of topics by faculty and students.  Student presenters were eligible for scholarship prizes and three prizes were awarded at the event.  Winning presenters were Annie Pollard, Sabrina Judson, and Elizabeth Magill (pictured above, L-R and noted below with *).  Poster quality was very high at the event and we received so much positive feedback that we’ve linked poster PDFs here for further sharing.

Adolphsen, Katie et al. A unique Sinorhizobium medicae gene can increase nodulation of pea and barrel medic
Blubaugh, Carmen et al. Co-occurring herbivore guilds compromise aphid biocontrol: evidence from natural and true field experiments
Edworthy, Amanda et al. Costs and benefits of wild birds on organic farms
Gerdeman, Beverly Potential for early season control of Spotted Wing Drosophila by predatory flies (Scathophagidae) as a secondary benefit of manure amendments in red raspberry
Habiyaremye, Cedric et al. Effect of Nitrogen and Seeding Rate on Plant Height, Seed Maturity and Seed Yield of Quinoa and Food Barley grown in No-Till in the Palouse, WA and ID, USA
Han, Jennifer et al. Improving the efficacy of the entomopathogenic fungi Metarhizium brunneum against Varroa destructor, a common honey bee pest
Hinojosa Sanchez, Leo et al. Evaluation of quinoa genotypes under heat and drought field conditions
Islam, Anjuman A. et al. Developing a high-throughput method for detection and quantification of microbial siderophore production in the rooting zone of Concord grapevines as a means to characterize their role in grapevine chlorosis
Jones, Matthew et al. Ecological suppression of human pathogens in organic mixed vegetables
* Judson, Sabrina Do diverse plant and prey communities support predator diversity on organic farms?
Kafle, Gopi Krishna et al. Potential near infrared spectral bands for rapid determination of dairy manure nutrients
Kerr, Susan Non-Chemical Control of Internal Parasites in Goats
Knerr, Anne Jenny, Lindsey du Toit et al. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities associated with organic and conventional onion crops in the Columbia Basin of Washington
* Magill, Elizabeth et al. The influence of plant volatiles on parasitoid oviposition behavior
McGuire, Andrew et al. Columbia Basin soils can be improved under intensive irrigated vegetable production
Michel, Leslie et al. Establishing Cover Crops for Soil Health Improvement in Low-Rainfall Eastern Washington
* Pollard, Annie et al. Fusarium avenaceum: A Potential Tool to Combat Wild Oat in the Soil Weed Seedbank
Roa, Alejandra and Arron Carter Cell wall composition in a FinchxEltan population
Rudolph, Rachel E et al. The effects of alleyway cover crops on Pratylenchus penetrans in floricane red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) in the Pacific Northwest
Saari, Brooke, Sonia A. Hall et al. – A New Model for Climate Change Extension
Smith, Kate and Marcia Ostrom Next Generation Farmers: Impacts and Effectiveness of an Organic Bilingual Farm Incubator Program
Sullivan, David et al. Strip Tillage and Cover Cropping Effects on Field Water Use Efficiency
Wen, Xiaoyu et al. Using calf jackets to minimize cold stress in Jersey calves