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Presented Posters

Posters were presented at the 2019 BIOAg Symposium on a diverse array of topics by faculty and students.  Student presenters were eligible for scholarship prizes and four prizes were awarded at the event.  Winning presenters were Aaron Appleby, Nathan Nielsen, Patrick Robichaud, and Rajeev Sinha (noted below with *).  Poster quality was very high at the event and we received so much positive feedback that we’ve linked poster PDFs here for further sharing.
presenters with their posters

Aldrmon, Abdelsalam et al. Pyrolysis Temperature and Feedstock Determine Characteristics of Biochar
* Appleby, Aaron et al. Efficacy and Economic Viability of Organic Herbicides
Bramwell, Stephen et al. From Ground to Glass: Evaluation of unique barley varieties for western Washington craft malting, brewing and distilling
Choi, Halle et al. Physical and Chemical Properties of Whole Grain Flour from Two U.S. Grown Varieties of Quinoa
Collins, Doug et al. New tools and techniques for high residue organic vegetable strip tillage in the maritime Pacific Northwest
Craine, Evan et al. Seed Composition and Amino Acid Profiles for Quinoa Grown in Washington State
Dentzman, Katherine et al. Biodegradable Plastic Mulch: A Summary of Three Case Studies
Hickey, Kathleen et al. Development of a new approach for capturing drought avoidance genotypes in spring wheat
Hudson, Tip et al. Tallgrass Prairie in Central Washington: Establishing Warm-Season Perennial Grasses on Irrigated Pasture
Islam, Anjuman et al. Soil Microbial Community Siderophore Production and Soil Health in Concord Vineyards.
Jayasinghe, Samodya et al. Paper Mill Fly Ash and Biochar as Soil Amendments to Address Soil Acidification in Eastern Washington
Ma, Xiaochi et al. Performance of Cabernet Sauvignon under Direct Root-Zone Deficit Irrigation
Michel, Leslie et al. Cover Crops and Grazing in Low-Rainfall Eastern Washington
Moroz, Natalia et al. Immunostimulant peptides induce defense responses against infection of powdery scab pathogen in potato roots
* Nielsen, Nathan et al. Genetic Estimation of Straw Residue Decomposition in Winter Wheat
Rajagopalan, Kirti et al. Technology for trade: a conceptual framework to improve water use for agriculture and beyond.
* Robichaud, Patrick et al. Creating an Erosion Vulnerability Map for the Columbia River Basin to Determine Reservoir Susceptibility to Sedimentation Before and After Wildfires
Shen, Xiaoye et al. Impacts of manure-derived biofertilizers on microbiological safety of blueberry production
Shen, Xiaoye et al. Dairy manure-derived fertilizer application and microbial safety of raspberry fruits
* Sinha, Rajeev et al. Efficacy evaluation of horticultural oil based thermotherapy for pear psylla Management
Tymon, Lydia et al. Can lignin degrading organisms reduce Verticillium wilt in pumpkin cropping systems?
Wieme, Rachel et al. Agronomic and economic performance of organic forage, quinoa, and grain rotations in the Palouse Region of the Pacific Northwest, USA
Yorgey, Georgine et al. Case studies on building rangeland resilience to climate change in the Pacific Northwest
Yorgey, Georgine et al. Safeguarding Potato Cropping Systems in the Pacific Northwest through Improved Soil Health
Yorgey, Georgine et al. Farmer to Farmer Mentoring: Multi-media case studies build adaptive capacity among cereal-based producers across the Inland Pacific Northwest

poster session