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WSU Organic Land

The WSU Organic Working Group set the goal of establishing certified organic land or organically managed land at every WSU Research facility. At this time, 25 acres are certified organic and 3 acres are transition to organic and used for research purposes at four locations in the state. An additional 100 acres are certified organic and leased for commercial production.

WSU Vancouver Research and Extension Unit was the site of the first certified organic land at WSU. Dr. Carol Miles and Martin Nicholson certified 3 acres for mixed vegetable production land in 2001.

WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center in Wenatchee has 100 acres certified organic apples currently managed for production which are to be replanted for research purposes as funds become available. Certified prior to 2002.

WSU Spillman Farm in Pullman has 11 ½ acres of certified organic land that is used for the organic wheat breeding program managed by Dr. Steve Jones with the assistance of graduate student Kevin Murphy. Certified in 2002.

WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center has 6 acres of certified organic vegetable land including a long-term organic systems research trial, an additional 6 acres scheduled for organic transition, and 3 managed organically but not certified. First certified in 2002

WSU Prosser Irrigated Agriculture Research & Extension Center has a 3 acre organic hops yard.

WSU Organic Farm at the Tukey Horticultural Orchard in Pullman was a 4 acre certified farm used to teach the class Practicum in Organic Agriculture (Soils 480) and for a CSA. The Organic Farm is managed by Brad Jaeckel with the assistance of Dr. John Reganold in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Certified in 2004. A 2012 gift from the Eggert Family enabled the move and expansion of the organic farm to a 30 acre site that will be a state of the art organic farm and learning center known as the Eggert Family Organic Farm.

WSU Mt Vernon Research and Extension Center has 5 acres of vegetable land that was certified organic in 2006 and 2.6 acres managed organically but not certified. In addition 3 acres of wine grapes will be established as transition to organic. Managed by Carol Miles.

Additional organic research is conducted by WSU scientists on privately-owned certified organic land.