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Topic: Waste Management

Building Soil Health Resiliency Through Vermicompost Tea Application

Agricultural intensification to meet the food needs of an increasing global population has placed tremendous pressure on our ability to maintain the health and quality…

Impact of Process Emissions on Climate Offsets by Different Biochar Production Methods

Agricultural use of biochar is generally considered a sustainable and climate-friendly way to increase farm productivity. These benefits, however, depend on how biochar is produced.…

Impact of Biochar, Black Liquor, and Fly Ash Application to Soil on Productivity of Wheat in Eastern Washington

Soil acidification is a significant issue faced by agriculture in Eastern Washington. Acidification increases concentration of exchangeable aluminum (Al) in soil and reduces nutrient availability…

Improving anaerobically digested dairy manure solids by economical post treatment to create value-added and sustainable greenhouse potting mix fiber products

We propose to research an economical anaerobic digestion (AD) post-treatment process for improving anaerobically digested dairy manure fiber. Digested dairy manure fibers are value-added solids…

Assessment of Renewable Fertilizers from Anaerobic Digester Manure Nutrient Recovery

Antibiotics in Animal Manure: A Challenge to Organic Cropping Systems

Demonstration and Outreach for Livestock Carcass Composting