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Ryan Niemeyer

Ryan Niemeyer

Adjunct Faculty   KALKUS HALL 317 2606 W PIONEER

Ryan Niemeyer is Adjunct Faculty at WSU through CSANR and a USDA-funded postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara. He is an interdisciplinary water scientist who studies how land management, natural disturbances like wildfire, and climate change impact hydrologic processes and human well-being. His current postdoc focuses on understanding the impacts of forest thinning in the dry forests of the Pacific Northwest on streamflow and tree-drought resilience. During his PhD at University of Idaho, he both assessed the impacts of juniper encroachment on water resources, and helped lead an interdisciplinary research team to assess the social-ecological impacts of a 1.3 million acre juniper removal project in southern Idaho. He also focuses on stakeholder engagement, including after his PhD a four-stop outreach tour about the impacts of juniper on water through eastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho.

Ryan is a seventh-generation Washingtonian and was born and raised on a farm in eastern Washington surrounded by some of the same dry forests he simulates. He currently lives in western Washington with his wife and two kids and enjoys hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Honors and Awards: American Geophysical Union, Voices for Science advocate (2019); Northwest Climate Science Center, Graduate Fellowship (2015)

Area of Current Interest: forest thinning and streamflow; post-wildfire water quality and quantity; climate change and hydrology; science communication and stakeholder engagement