Food Science & Nutrition

What makes one food more nutritious than another? How do daily food choices impact a person’s health trajectory? Can farmers and the food industry increase – or lessen – the nutritional quality of food by how it is grown, handled, and processed?
These are among the questions an increasing  number of people are asking. Across the Pacific Northwest there is growing interest in understanding at a deeper level how food quality and dietary choices impact human health. The local food movement is strong and growing, and is creating thousands of new jobs across the region. Quality-conscious consumers both here and abroad seek out Washington-grown fruits and vegetables, wines, and grains because of the State’s well-earned reputation for quality and commitment to food safety.
Progress within many scientific disciplines is required to provide farmers and the food industry practical information and new tools to advance food nutritional quality and food safety. Pushing the envelope in pursuit of more nutritious and safer food is a core mission within CSANR, and a goal addressed in one way or another by most of our recent and ongoing research featured in the sections that follow.

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