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Assessing the “Super” in Whole-Grain Superfoods

Posted by Ali Schultheis | September 18, 2023
We are halfway through our Soil to Society series, so let’s do a quick recap. Following along the Soil to Society pipeline, this grant is…

Implications of Shifting Timing in Water Availability in Eastern Washington

Posted by Aaron Whittemore | September 12, 2023
The Columbia River Basin has grappled with limited water supplies for decades. This was most noticeable during 2015, when we experienced severe summertime drought across…

Sagebrush Shrub-steppe or Cheatgrass Prairie?

Posted by Andrew McGuire | September 5, 2023
Although I work in irrigated agriculture, the views on my morning commute are all sagebrush, or the shrub-steppe as this native plant community is called.…

Using Autonomous Pathing Orchard Robots

Posted by Deven Biehler | August 29, 2023
I spent this summer working as an intern at the AgAid Institute, a renowned research facility dedicated to advancing the field of sustainable agriculture through…

Engineering, Extruding, and Elevating Whole-Grain Based Foods

Posted by Ali Schultheis | August 22, 2023
Over the last three months, we have discussed the groundbreaking scope of the Soil to Society grant and ongoing work by our Soils and Cropping…

Building the Case for Compost and Carbon Sequestration

Posted by Katie Doonan | August 15, 2023
In the spirit of “what gets measured gets managed”, there has been recent attention directed to how we can quantify potential benefits of compost as…

Meeting Food Demand through Agronomic Engineering and Incremental Transformation

Posted by Andrew McGuire | August 9, 2023
In a realistic scenario, where not everyone gives up eating meat, where some in the developing world eat more like us, and where food waste…

Growing Interest in Soil Health: An Appreciation-Based STEM Curriculum for Kids

Posted by Molly McIlquham | August 1, 2023
Soil health education for youth is vital to change the outlook and attitude of future generations toward soil stewardship. Soil health is linked to some…

The Benefits of a Reductionist Approach

Posted by Andrew McGuire | July 25, 2023
I have been called a reductionist quite a few times. I never know how to respond. Am I a reductionist? If so, is that a…

Tracking Beneficial Parasites to Safeguard Cherry Production

Posted by Cesar Reyes Corral | July 18, 2023
Cesar Reyes Corral, PhD student in the Washington State University Department of Entomology, has identified several beneficial insects that may be key to long-term management…
Now showing 1 - 10 of 382