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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Man, woman plant grapevines while another prepares bamboo support stake.

BIOAg in Action: Using Mycorrhizal Inoculants in Washington Wine Grape Production

When it comes to organisms living in the soil, we mostly hear about the “bad guys”—soilborne pests. However, there are many soil organisms that are beneficial to crops. Among these beneficial organisms, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi…
Culvert draining into a pool of water with oily slick on the surface

Pathways to Progress in Tackling Stormwater Runoff in Near-Urban Agricultural Areas

Stormwater runoff, particularly from roadways, is one of the leading sources of water pollution in Puget Sound. Stormwater pollution impacts people and ecosystems in different ways. Many of the things Puget Sound residents hold dear…
Hand holding clump of worms and worm castings

Vermifiltration: A low-cost, environmentally sustainable way to treat dairy waste?

What do you call the worm that ate Mozart? A DECOMPOSER! But for one central Washington dairy, a treatment system is using worms, not to decompose manure but to address the knotty and chronic issue of excessive nutrient levels. And now WSU researchers are studying just how helpful those worms might be to the Washington dairy industry.
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