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Figure depicting the effects of cropping system

Potato Cropping Systems to Manage Soilborne Disease

Long-term cropping systems research is expensive, difficult to manage, and therefore rare, especially for vegetable crops. So when results are published for potato cropping systems, it is worthwhile taking a look. A team from Maine recently reported the results of experiment comparing four cropping systems:
Two people in a field behind a tractor

What does it take to start a long-term experiment?

“What were they thinking?” It’s a common question asked by agricultural scientists about the design of long-term cropping system experiments. Starting a long-term study is a big investment and having asked those questions ourselves while working with multi-decadal trials, you can imagine how daunting it was to be tasked with setting up a Long-term Agroecological Research and Extension (LTARE) site through the Washington Soil Health Initiative (WaSHI). In 20 years, would people be wondering what the heck we were thinking.
coffee cup in front of a notebook and computer screen

Washington SoilCon and Virtual Engagement

The last two years taught us how to adapt to rapid changes in our daily lives, including the major pivot to remote education. Remote education is nothing new, as WSU has delivered remote video and audio education since the late 1980’s in response to the to the state legislature's directive for increased accessibility.
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