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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Cupped hands holding soil

Get out the Map! A Soil Health Roadmap for Washington

Soil has been called “the living skin of the Earth.” The effort to maintain the health of this “living skin” in Washington got a boost in 2021 when the State Legislature passed the Washington Soil Health Initiative…
Heatmap of the Pacific Nortwest (U.S. and Canada)

Recent News Stories on Agriculture and Climate Change – Why Now?

Perspectives on Sustainability and our sister blog, we have been discussing impacts on agriculture resulting from a changing climate for years now. We also discuss practices or approaches that show promise for helping producers…
Lawn with large tree in center

Why the World Stays Green

The world is green with plants. The world also has thousands of species of plant-eating insects and other organisms. Why don’t all those insects eat all the plants? Why does the world stay green? TCR White, an entomologist from New Zealand, asks this question in a book (White 2005) and a series of fascinating papers. White argues that the answer is not…
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Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest

Packed with tools, resources, and the most current research, this book supports farmers as they make decisions relating to productivity, resilience, and their bottom lines.

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