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Blackberry plant with dry, curling leaves and partially dessicated fruit.

What Can We Learn from the ‘Pacific Northwest Heat Dome’ of 2021?

It wasn’t just hot in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) during the last week of June. It was extraordinarily hot. Temperatures at Oregon State University’s North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC) in Aurora, Oregon, reached a high of 113°F on June 28, with a nighttime low of 85°F. It wasn’t just one day…
Mixture of plants and grasses

Crop Diversity is Not the Cause

I previously covered reasons why the results of many biodiversity studies do not apply to agriculture. Here, I want to emphasize a related issue: how ecological biodiversity research has distracted us from figuring out the actual causes of benefits in crop mixtures.
A cardboard box containing a meal kit.

How Do Grocery and Meal Kit Deliveries Impact the Carbon Footprint of Our Food?

I explored opportunities to reduce environmental impact related to food preparation and food waste in previous Perspectives on Sustainability articles. However, transportation in the food supply chain is a significant contributor to carbon emissions: all the transportation and miles in between the farm and your plate are part of …
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