2024 BIOAg Award Announcement

Honey bee on a winter canola flower
Photo Courtesy of Washington State University

BIOAg, the Biologically Intensive and Organic Agriculture Program, is a flagship CSANR program that drives a large portion of our core mission- to engage WSU faculty with research that facilitates solutions for the sustainability of Washington’s agriculture. Just through the past eight years we have awarded over $2 million to strong projects from across WSU, which has resulted in over $32 million in leveraged funds based on the original BIOAg projects. 

Beyond the numbers, BIOAg projects allow exploration into novel ideas and partnerships that build solutions for a range of issues that Washington agriculture faces. Projects funded in 2024 cover a diversity of topics and perspectives, from the soil to livestock and pollinators all the way to the food systems themselves. Check out the 2024 projects through the links below and see how BIOAg projects have developed through the years in our Grants Database.

2024 Projects:


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