High Residue Farming Under Irrigation

High residue farming is a system of practices that maintains a cover of living or dead plants on the soil. These systems are competitive with conventional clean-till systems in yield and more importantly, profit. They require management of equipment, rotation, soil fertility, pests, and crop residues. No-till, direct seeding, strip-tillage and conservation tillage can all be high residue farming systems.


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  • High Residue Farming under Irrigation – Workshops

    Digests and agendas from yearly WSU Extension High Residue Farming under Irrigation workshops in Moses Lake, Washington. 2004 to present.

  • The Effects of Reducing Tillage on Pest Management

    Andy McGuire, WSU Extension. 2007. An increasing number of farmers in the Columbia Basin are adapting reduced tillage systems from other regions to our conditions and crops. This paper will examine the general effects of reducing tillage on the management of weeds, insects, and diseases. Because these systems have been developed mainly in the Midwest and Canada, much of the information presented here is for the conditions and crops (mainly corn and wheat) in those regions. Experience will show what holds true under our conditions.

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Andy McGuire Agricultural Systems Educator WSU Extension is currently conducting high residue farming under irrigation demonstration and research at the WSU Othello research unit.  Please contact Andy with questions about this work: andrew.mcguire@wsu.edu, 509.754.2011 ext. 413; fax 509.754.0163.  PO Box 37 (35C St NW) Ephrata, WA 98823.