Webinar Series

Welcome to the CSANR Sustainable Agriculture webinars. Join us in real time for online presentations on pressing issues in sustainable agriculture. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with presenters, and presenters are able to reach a broadly based audience throughout our state and beyond.  Available recorded webinars are in the right sidebar.

Please check back frequently for schedule updates and to view recorded presentations you may have missed. If you have feedback about our webinar series please contact Tara Zimmerman at goldsmitht@wsu.edu.

  • NEW!  Pre-RFP Tips for USDA Grants March 17, 2015. This webinar provides an overview of USDA grant programs available to support small farms and local foods projects. It also suggests activities you can do before the “Request for Proposal” is announced, such as project planning, developing strong partnerships, and knowing the USDA requirements to apply (i.e., DUNS, SAM and grants.gov). Starting early will improve the quality of your project and make proposal writing easier. This webinar is part of the USDA’s AMSTA project. Additional documents available include Q & A from the webinar and a flyer for upcoming workshops.  You may also access the webinar slides HERE for printing.
  • PNW Agriculture and Climate Change Webinar Series – Ongoing
  • Struvite as a Phosphorus Fertilizer Source for Greenhouse Crop Production Feb 2012. This webinar highlights recent research by Rita Hummel of WSU on struvite as a phosphorus source for greenhouse production of bedding plants and vegetable starts. Her research includes struvite derived from municipal wastewater and dairy manure. Craig Cogger opened the webinar with a brief overview of the phosphorus challenge. After Rita’s presentation of greenhouse research results, Keith Bowers discussed struvite production as one phosphorus removal technology for wastewater at livestock, food processing, and public sewage treatment sites. The webinar closed with a brief summary by Craig and an open question period.
  • Climate Change part 2 – Climate models, skepticism, and our response to climate disruption November 2011; Presented by Craig Cogger
  • Climate Change part 1 – What does the science really tell us about past and current climate trends? November 2011; Presented by Craig Cogger
  • Extracting valuable energy, carbon and nutrient resources from organic waste Oct 2011.  WSU scientists have conducted extensive research on Anaerobic Digestion (AD) as a technology for recovery of methane (energy), stable carbon, and nutrients from organic wastes such as manure, food processing wastes and the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW). Our research has evaluated the technical and economic performance of commercially available systems, developed improved AD reactors, and commercialized WSU patented nutrient recovery technology. This webinar, presented by CSANR director Chad Kruger and CSANR scientist Craig Frear, provides an update on the latest results from the WSU Climate Friendly Farming Project’s AD research.