Biomass to Biochar: Maximizing the Carbon Value

Biomass to Biochar: Maximizing the Carbon Value
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This project was made possible by funding from the Washington Department of Ecology and the U.S. Forest Service.

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Forty biochar producers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers held a virtual workshop in April 2020 to chart a roadmap for future development of the biochar industry in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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Amonette, J.E., J.G. Archuleta, M.R. Fuchs, K.M. Hills, G.G. Yorgey, G. Flora, J. Hunt, H.-S. Han, B.T. Jobson, T.R. Miles, D.S. Page-Dumroese, S. Thompson, K.M. Trippe, K. Wilson, R. Baltar, K. Carloni, C. Christoforou, D.P. Collins, J. Dooley, D. Drinkard, M. Garcia-Pérez, G. Glass, K. Hoffman-Krull, M. Kauffman, D.A. Laird, W. Lei, J. Miedema, J. O’Donnell, A. Kiser, B. Pecha, C. Rodriguez-Franco, G.E. Scheve, C. Sprenger, B. Springsteen, and E. Wheeler. 2021. Biomass to Biochar: Maximizing the Carbon Value. Report by Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, Washington State University, Pullman WA.

Many of the participants in our workshop presented in the Scaling Biochar Forum Oct. 13-14, 2020.

A parallel effort involving some of the workshop participants led to this perspectives article in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation: