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A Problem with Soil Inoculants

Posted by Andrew McGuire | November 22, 2022
As I wrote in my last post, the focus and excitement around soil biology leads many to believe that they have a soil biology problem.…

Don’t Overthink Your Soil Biology

Posted by Andrew McGuire | November 1, 2022
I am not sure of the causes. Perhaps it’s the demand for soil health information which far surpasses the supply of science-based content? Or maybe…

Fine-Tuning with Soil Health; Soilborne Disease?

Posted by Andrew McGuire | October 5, 2022
Healthy soils produce healthy crops. right? Nope. Although it would seem the very definition of soil health, this popular thinking does not match what plant…

Fine-Tuning with Soil Health; Water

Posted by Andrew McGuire | August 23, 2022
In my last post, we found that soil health was not a major factor for crop yield but is useful in fine-tuning crop nutrient supply.…

Fine-tuning with Soil Health; Nutrients

Posted by Andrew McGuire | August 17, 2022
Farming requires a lot of knowledge and skill. You have limited time and resources. It pays to know where your efforts will return the most…

Why Hasn’t Biological Nitrogen Fixation Fixed Nitrogen Scarcity in the World?

Posted by Andrew McGuire | May 5, 2022
Most environments are limited by the lack of nitrogen. This explains why the world stays green and why it pays to follow the nitrogen. But…

Do soil health indicators indicate soil health?

Posted by Andrew McGuire | April 13, 2022
There is a problem with how soil health indicators are being developed. We start with farmers using soil health practices, for instance, no-till, crop rotation,…

Always Follow the Nitrogen

Posted by Andrew McGuire | December 7, 2021
“Follow the money” is a reliable tactic for figuring out people’s actions. Money is scarce, people want it, and do stuff with it. For plants,…

Why the World Stays Green

Posted by Andrew McGuire | November 16, 2021
The world is green with plants. The world also has thousands of species of plant-eating insects and other organisms. Why don’t all those insects eat…

Bet-Hedging with Cover Crop Mixtures

Posted by Andrew McGuire | September 28, 2021
What do weeds and gamblers in Las Vegas have in common? They both manage the risk of unpredictable outcomes through a strategy called bet-hedging. Could…
Now showing 1 - 10 of 66