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Expanding the Soil to Society Pipeline Strategy

Posted by Ali Schultheis | November 20, 2023
Soil to Society is not just a grant, but a strategy of thinking that addresses gaps in current knowledge and between research disciplines. The pipeline…

Building Out a Plant-Forward Diet

Posted by Ali Schultheis | October 24, 2023
Throughout this Soil to Society series, we’ve discussed the grant’s goal of breeding varieties of wheat, barley, quinoa, buckwheat, lentils, and peas that are more…

Production and Food Science Faculty Unite to Train Next Generation

Posted by Doug Collins | October 3, 2023
WSU extension and research faculty recently wrapped up a multi-year High-Value Horticulture and Processing internship program. In total, 24 interns were hosted by WSU in…

Assessing the “Super” in Whole-Grain Superfoods

Posted by Ali Schultheis | September 18, 2023
We are halfway through our Soil to Society series, so let’s do a quick recap. Following along the Soil to Society pipeline, this grant is…

Engineering, Extruding, and Elevating Whole-Grain Based Foods

Posted by Ali Schultheis | August 22, 2023
Over the last three months, we have discussed the groundbreaking scope of the Soil to Society grant and ongoing work by our Soils and Cropping…

Breeding Better Food

Posted by Ali Schultheis | July 10, 2023
What makes food better? Through the Soil to Society grant, we believe that breeding for increased health and nutritive value while improving agronomic and end-use…

Soil Scientists Lay the Groundwork for a Healthier Food System

Posted by Ali Schultheis | June 13, 2023
Healthy food cannot be made in an incubator.  It requires healthfulness to be implemented in every step of the production process: from cultivation to consumption.…

Optimizing Human Health and Nutrition: From Soil to Society

Posted by Ali Schultheis | May 16, 2023
Though we are what we eat, there is minimal research available on how different players within the food system interact to influence food availability and…

Deficit Irrigation Conserves Water in Agriculture to Aid in Combating Water Stress

Posted by Sarah Davis | September 27, 2022
Washington State has nearly 15 million acres of farmland with around 39,000 operating farms, each producing necessary agricultural commodities. A few of the most well-known…

Our Five-Year Mission… to Boldly Go Where No Integrated Model Has Gone Before

Posted by David Gustafson | August 3, 2022
As a child of the sixties, I can still remember our family sitting together to watch the coolest show on television, Star Trek (Figure 1).…
Now showing 1 - 10 of 54