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Putting Numbers to the Difficult Task of Increasing Soil Organic Matter

Posted by Andrew McGuire | November 7, 2023
You may know that it is difficult to increase soil organic matter, but how difficult is it, with numbers? First, your crop harvest removes up…

Drought Resilience in Dry Land: Plant Auxins and Adaptive Management

Posted by Anna Buetow | October 17, 2023
Eastern Washington averages over five million acres of farmland dedicated to growing wheat and other rotational grain crops that rely solely on rainfall to water…

What’s so Good about Biodiversity in Crop Production?

Posted by Andrew McGuire | October 10, 2023
In a 2012 book, Donald Maier asked, “What’s so good about biodiversity?” He describes how difficult it is to critique principles of biodiversity because all…

Building the Case for Compost and Carbon Sequestration

Posted by Katie Doonan | August 15, 2023
In the spirit of “what gets measured gets managed”, there has been recent attention directed to how we can quantify potential benefits of compost as…

Meeting Food Demand through Agronomic Engineering and Incremental Transformation

Posted by Andrew McGuire | August 9, 2023
In a realistic scenario, where not everyone gives up eating meat, where some in the developing world eat more like us, and where food waste…

The Benefits of a Reductionist Approach

Posted by Andrew McGuire | July 25, 2023
I have been called a reductionist quite a few times. I never know how to respond. Am I a reductionist? If so, is that a…

Tracking Beneficial Parasites to Safeguard Cherry Production

Posted by Cesar Reyes Corral | July 18, 2023
Cesar Reyes Corral, PhD student in the Washington State University Department of Entomology, has identified several beneficial insects that may be key to long-term management…

Breeding Better Food

Posted by Ali Schultheis | July 10, 2023
What makes food better? Through the Soil to Society grant, we believe that breeding for increased health and nutritive value while improving agronomic and end-use…

Human Perspectives Add Value to Entomological Research

Posted by Molly Sayles | July 5, 2023
You are at the grocery store in the produce section. Pears are in season, so you go over to pick a few out – maybe…

A multi-state team is addressing agricultural climate change preparedness through creatively paired conversations in the newly funded “Analogs for Dialogs” grant

Posted by Katie Doonan | June 22, 2023
When it comes to climate change resilience in agriculture, the question is generally not why agricultural operations should be prepared, but which preparations will be…
Now showing 1 - 10 of 169