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Inspired solutions for the future of agriculture and the environment.
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Case studies to increase resilience among farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest

map showing study region with markers on cities: Moses Lake, WA, George, WA, Bickleton, WA, Ritzville, WA, LaCrosse, WA, Genesee, ID, and Graigmont and NezPerce IDMany strategies can enhance resilience to climate change and other future challenges – and these strategies often also provide immediate benefits to farming and ranching operations. This case study series explores strategies that innovative farmers and ranchers in our region are already using, and which may be of interest to others. Each case study and its complementary video centers around the experience of a regional producer, and provide summaries of relevant biophysical, economic, and social science that help inform when and how these strategies might work in other places.

Livestock Case Studies

Grazing for Multiple Use Goals: Russ Stingley
Resilience Through Engagement: Brenda & Tony Richards
Adaptive Rangeland Management: Jack Southworth
Holistic Management: Maurice and Beth Robinette
Response to Flooding: Jay Gordon

Dryland Case Studies

Precision Nitrogen (high rainfall): Eric Odberg
Enhancing Crop Diversity (high rainfall): Steve and Nate Riggers
Grazed Cover Cropping (high rainfall): Drew Leitch
Enhancing Crop Diversity (intermediate rainfall): Steve and Becky Camp
Flex Cropping (low rainfall): Bill Jepsen
Conservation Tillage in Winter Wheat-Fallow (low rainfall): Ron Jirava
Stripper Header (low rainfall): Ron and Andy Juris

Irrigated Case Studies

Biofumigant Cover Cropping of Potatoes: Dale Gies
Deficit Irrigation: Jake Madison
Strip Tillage: Lorin Grigg
Strip Tillage and Livestock Integration: Eric Williamson