High Residue Farming Under Irrigation

“High Residue Farming” is an umbrella term for cropping systems in which less tillage is used in order to keep crop residue on the surface of a field. Crop residue provides many benefits to the soil and following crops. These systems are competitive with conventional clean-till systems in yield and more importantly, profit. They require management of equipment, rotation, soil fertility, pests, and crop residues. No-till, direct seeding, strip-tillage and conservation tillage can all be high residue farming systems.

Table on High Residue Farming.

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High Residue Farming Under Irrigation: Crop Rotation (series 2 of 5)

McGuire, A. This publication is the second in a series on high residue farming (HRF), for farmers who are interested in HRF. It discusses how to choose a cropping sequence, choosing specific cover crops, and special crop considerations for irrigated cropping systems in the far western United States. It includes a very helpful table of […]

High Residue Farming Under Irrigation: What and Why (series 1 of 5)

McGuire, A. This publication is the first in a series on high residue farming (HRF), for farmers who are interested in HRF. It provides an overview of HRF, including the benefits and challenges. It also discusses some special considerations for HRF in the irrigated agriculture regions of the far western United States. EM071E.

High Residue Farming under Irrigation: Strip-till

McGuire, A. Extension Bulletin EM036E. Strip-tillage is a low-impact cultivation technique suited to irrigated land with a lot of residue from a previous crop. A strip-till system creates both clean-till and high-residue conditions in the same field, taking advantage of both systems while minimizing drawbacks. This publication discusses the benefits of this system, as well as […]

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Andy McGuire Agricultural Systems Educator WSU Extension is currently conducting high residue farming under irrigation demonstration and research at the WSU Othello research unit.  Please contact Andy with questions about this work: andrew.mcguire@wsu.edu, 509-754-2011 ext. 413; fax 509-754-0163.  PO Box 37 (35C St NW) Ephrata, WA 98823.