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CSANR has supported research on dozens of sustainable agriculture and food systems topics for two decades. This publications database serves as a catalog of available resources. You can either browse Program Areas and Topics or search for relevant publications by key words.
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Increasing the Economic Value and Sustainability of Washington’s Agriculture Sector Through Industrial Symbiosis: A Report to the Washington Legislature

Roth, R., M.P. Wolcott, G.G. Yorgey, J.L. Male, T. Sturdevant, D. Camenzind, F. Pierobon, J. Padowski, C.E. Kruger, A Whittemore, T. Carroll, K. Jensen, S. Moddemeyer, and A. Ybarra. 2023. Increasing the Economic Value and Sustainability of Washington’s Agricultural Sector through Industrial Symbiosis: A report to the Washington Legislature. Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources, Washington State University, Wenatchee, WA.

Advancing Organics Management in Washington State: The Waste to Fuels Technology Partnership, 2019-2021 Biennium

Jobe, J., K. Hills, J.E. Amonette, E. Bronstad, M. Garcia-Perez, T. Jobson, Y.J. Milan, D. Collins, D. Gang, X. Xiong, N. Stacey, A. Berim, A. Bary, S. Chen, W. Hoashi-Erhardt, N. Khosravi, E.A. Mhyre, S. Seefeldt, and G. Yorgey. 2022. Publication 22-07-002. Solid Waste Management Program, Washington Department of Ecology, Olympia, WA.

Production of Engineered Biochars for Phosphate Removal from Waste Lignocellulosic Materials: First, Second, and Third Generation Engineered Products

Ayiania, M., Haghighi Mood, S., Milan, Y.J., Garcia-Perez, M. 2019. A technical report completed as part of the Waste to Fuels Technology Partnership. 71 pp.

Nutrient Recovery: Products from dairy manure to improve soil fertility

Benedict, C., J. Harrison, S. Hall, G. Yorgey. 2018. Washington State University. FS305E.

Approaches to Nutrient Recovery from Dairy Manure

Frear, C., J. Ma, G. Yorgey. 2018. WSU Fact Sheet EM112E. This fact sheet is part of the AD Systems Series.

Evaluation of Low-Impact Ammonia Stripping with Bio-Fertilizer Recovery and Support for Technology Decision Making

Ewing, T., G. Yorgey, C. Frear, and L. Yu. 2018. The Water Research Foundation.

Completing a Successful Feasibility Study for an Anaerobic Digestion Project

Jensen, J., C. Frear, C. Kruger, G. Yorgey. Jan. 2018. WSU Fact Sheet FS292E. This fact sheet is part of the AD Systems Series.

Technology Research and Extension Related to Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure, 2015-2017 Biennium

Garcia-Pérez, M., Chen, S., Kruger, C., Yorgey, G., Ai, P., Ayania, M., Dunsmoor, A., Englund, K., Ewing, T., Frear, C., Gao, A., Ghoghare, R., Hall, S.A., Jensen, J., Ma, J., Manoharan, G., Martinez, J., Nasir, A., Parlina, I., Pelaez-Samaniego, M.R., Pereira-Ferraz, G., Rajagopalan, K., Smith, M., Suliman, W., Wang, D., Yao, Y., Yu, L. 2017. Compiled and edited by Hills, K., Hall, S.A., Saari, B., Zimmerman, T. A Project Report for the Washington State University Agricultural Research Center and the Washington State Department of Agriculture. 173 pp.

Video: Recovering Nutrients from Manure – New Tools for Maintaining Air and Water Quality

Hall, S., and G.G. Yorgey. 2017.  Produced by CAHNRS Communications. Washington State University, Pullman, WA.  This video profiles two Washington State dairies – Edaleen Dairy and Royal Dairy – who have implemented new technologies that partition, and in some cases recover, some of the nitrogen and phosphorus in manure. The video discusses both the potential that these new tools have to improve manure management for dairies, and some of the challenges that remain.

Soil Amendments

Yorgey, G., W. Pan, R. Awale, S. Machado, A. Bary. 2017. Chapter 7 In Yorgey, G. and C. Kruger, eds. Advances in Dryland Production Systems in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State University Extension, Pullman, WA.
Now showing 1 - 10 of 105