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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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CSANR has supported research on dozens of sustainable agriculture and food systems topics for two decades. This publications database serves as a catalog of available resources. You can either browse Program Areas and Topics or search for relevant publications by key words.
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Effects of Mykos Gold Granular, an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi inoculant, on pink root, white rot, and crop growth in spring- and fall-planted sweet onion crops near Walla Walla, WA, 2017-2018.

du Toit, L.J., Derie, M.L., Holmes, B.J., Miller, C.E., Morgan, P., Brouwer, L.R., Waters, T.D., and Darner, J. 2020. Plant Disease Management Reports 14:V060.

Effects of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus inoculant and a mycorrhizal stimulant on pink root and productivity of dehydration onion crops near Paterson, WA, 2016.

du Toit, L.J., Derie, M.L., Holmes, B.J., Winkler, L.R., Waters, T.D., and Darner, J. 2020. Plant Disease Management Reports 14:V062.

Effects of three arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi inoculants on pink root and yield in an onion crop near Othello, WA, 2017.

du Toit, L.J., Derie, M.L., Holmes, B.J., Miller, C.E., Brouwer, L.R., Waters, T.D., and Darner, J. 2020. Plant Disease Management Reports 14:V061.

Biofumigant Cover Cropping in Potatoes: Dale Gies (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series)

Yorgey, G.G., S.I. Kantor, C.E. Kruger, K.M. Painter, H. Davis, and L.A. Bernacchi. 2017. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication 693, Pullman, WA.

Disease Management for Wheat and Barley

Kirby, E., T. Paulitz, T. Murray, K. Schroeder, X. Chen. 2017. Chapter 10 In Yorgey, G. and C. Kruger, eds. Advances in Dryland Production Systems in the Pacific Northwest. Washington State University Extension, Pullman, WA.

Pythium species associated with damping-off of pea in certified organic fields in the Columbia Basin of central Washington

Alcala, A.C., Paulitz, T.C., Schroeder, K.L., Porter, L.D., Derie, M.L., and du Toit, L.J. 2016. Plant Disease 100:916-925.

High Residue Farming Under Irrigation: Pest Management Considerations (series 4 of 5)

McGuire, A. This publication is the fourth in a series on high residue farming (HRF), for farmers who are interested in HRF. This publication gives an overview of the effects of adopting HRF on the management of weeds, insects, and diseases. EM074E.

WSU Integrated Pest Management

WSU Entomology IPM website. Links to information on statewide IPM activities in Washington including crops, turf, garden, school grounds, and riparian buffers.

Advances in Brassica seed meal formulation and application protocol for control of apple replant disease.

M. Mazzola poster, December 2010, Wash. St. Hort. Assoc. meeting. A summary of the most recent field results using brassica seed meal mixtures.

Mustard Green Manures

On-farm research has been conducted since 1999 to determine the benefits of mustard green manures and to improve their effectiveness. They are being used in irrigated regions of Eastern Washington to improve soil quality, control wind erosion, and manage soilborne pests.
Now showing 1 - 10 of 32