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CSANR has supported research on dozens of sustainable agriculture and food systems topics for two decades. This publications database serves as a catalog of available resources. You can either browse Program Areas and Topics or search for relevant publications by key words.

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Climate analogs can catalyze cross-regional dialogs for US specialty crop adaptation

Chaudhary, S., Rajagopalan, K., Kruger, C.E., Brady, M.P., Fraisse, C.W., Gustafson, D.I., Hall, S.A., Hoogenboom, G., Melnick, R., Reyes, J., Stockle, C.O., Sulser, T.B. 2023. Climate analogs can catalyze cross-regional dialogs for US specialty crop adaptation. Scientific Reports 13, 9317.

Farmer-to-Farmer & Rancher-to-Rancher Case Studies Series

Authors include: Yorgey, G., Borrelli, K., Painter, K., Davis, H., Hall, S., Hudson, T., Neibergs, S., Reeves, M., Kruger, C., McGuire A., Finkelnburg, D., Roe, D., Brooks, E., and Kantor, S. 2016-2019. PNW Extension Publications and videos. These series explore strategies that innovative regional farmers and ranchers are using that enhance resilience to climate change and […]

Video: Reduced tillage in organic vegetable production

Sullivan D. and D.P. Collins. 2018. WSU Extension Video. This video is intended for organic vegetable producers and agricultural professionals, especially in the maritime northwest. Techniques and findings from recent research are shared to assist producers in trialing reduced tillage systems. The video covers the concept of reduced tillage organic agriculture, cover crop and weed management, […]
Now showing 1 - 10 of 51