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Rising consumer interest in supporting local farmers and obtaining healthy and safe food has led to new direct and value-added marketing opportunities for farmers. From farmers markets, CSA and food hub programs; to farm stores, agritourism, retail outlets, restaurants and cafeterias; and eco-labeling programs; many Washington farmers are testing and incorporating new strategies into their marketing mix. Local food procurement efforts recently launched by government, large retailers, institutional food buyers, and schools in Washington have further fueled demand for regional farm products. Growing markets for local farm products have in turn inspired efforts to develop regional processing, distribution, and marketing infrastructure. CSANR faculty have conducted research and outreach on farmer marketing trends, characteristics of emerging markets, market development strategies, and consumer purchasing preferences.

Featured Publications

Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit

Kinney, K. & C. Donovan. 2016. The “Washington State Farmers Market Management Toolkit” is designed to provide timely information, tips, and templates to farmers market managers, board members, volunteers and other organizers as they negotiate the ever-increasing demands of running a farmers market.  All chapters are available for download.

Washington State Farmers Market Manual (PDF)

Ostrom, M. & Z. Lyons. 2012. The Washington State Farmers Market Association, WSU Small Farms Program and Washington State Department of Agriculture have collaborated to update the “Washington State Farmers Market Manual” (Second Edition). The updated Manual is an excellent overview for communities looking to start a farmers market and for new market managers, boards and agricultural […]

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