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Loops of clear pipe stacked vertically in a bioreactor.

It’s All About the Critters: Who Can Remove Nitrogen from Dairy Waste?

Here is an ammonia joke for you: Why do chemistry students like studying ammonia? Because it’s pretty basic stuff! So basic, in fact, that high levels of ammonia in dairy wastewater inhibit algal growth. For researchers at WSU looking to use algae as a natural way to extract high levels of nitrogen…
Tracked excavator sits atop a pile at a commercial composting facility.

Compost Emissions – More Than Just a Matter of Smell

Composting organic waste is, in many ways, a win-win scenario. It diverts waste from the landfill, while creating a valuable soil amendment (explored in my recent post on the value of compost). However, even composting is not without its share of environmental impacts…
Dump truck finishes unloading organic waste onto compost pile.

Municipal Compost Use in Agriculture: A Question of Cost and Value

Composting rather than landfilling organic waste, such as food waste and yard trimmings, has several benefits from a climate perspective. A recent study in Washington concluded that composting organic waste…
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