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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Perspectives on Sustainability

Daizy Dehnke headshot

New Perspectives at The Tilth Conference

My name is Daizy Dehnke, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Organic and sustainable agriculture at WSU. For some important background context, I don’t have any experience regarding agriculture. I’ve helped tend a small garden of peas and potatoes at my family’s home, but I have yet to work for a farm or be part of any agricultural organizations. This has been a newfound interest that h...
Tomyia Wallace headshot.

Understanding Native Tilth

When I explained Tilth to my friends and family, I was forced to truly consider what Tilth meant to me and how it compared with the true definition. Tilth in my own definition meant the upkeep and sustainable maintenance of soil. In comparison to the actual definition, Tilth is the condition of tilled soil in respect to the suitab...
Ryan Sample headshot

A look into the Tilth Conference

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by the CSANR to travel to Yakima and attend the annual Tilth Conference 2019 with some fellow students from Washington State University. As...
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