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Small apple trees with blue, white and red netting above

How suitable is apple orchard netting as a sunburn control measure?

Written by Antoinette Avorgbedor, Intern at WSU's Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center and CSANR. More likely than not, you have passed large apple orchards in your travels around the Pacific Northwest area and observed nets spanning wide areas of apple trees. Sometimes the entire top and all the sides of orchards are enclosed. A 2017 survey conducted in Washington State to assess the exte...
Clod of soil showing fine roots

Soil (health) evaluation begins by asking “What’s the problem with my soil?”

Soil health - the pursuit that launched a thousand soil tests. I have not actually counted them, but many people are working on many ways to evaluate soil health. Some are looking at indicators of soil biology status, others...
Schematic showing measurable inputs (total photosynthate, shoots, roots) and Outputs (SOM changes).

Soil biology and soil organic matter; What do recent discoveries mean for soil management?

This Changes Everything. That is how everything is presented in today’s media. New cars, new policies, new science. An example of the latter are the recent advances in the field of soil microbiology, or...
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