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close up of cover crop mixture growing

2018 Cover Crop Monoculture vs Mixture Update

Since my 2016 post, “Cover crop best bet is monoculture, not mix,” I have continued to follow the research on cover crop mixtures looking for evidence contrary to my prior conclusions. However, I found much the same as when I wrote the 2017 update of the post. In this 2018 update, I cover all the research I found published during the past year, give some guidelines for conditions under which mixture research should be done to match...
sagebrush steppe with windmills in the background, cattle in the mid-ground, and water tubs in the foreground

Northwest Rangelands – Where Do our Climate Vulnerabilities Lie?

What will climate change look like on Pacific Northwest rangelands, which cover a huge area of our region? It will undoubtedly have complex impacts on the physical environment, environmental stressors, socio-economic factors...
A seeder planting between strips of wheat

Learning from some of the first adopters of high residue farming in the Columbia Basin

Topsoil has often been referred to as the “thin skin” of our planet, essential for producing the food that feeds us. Because it’s not easy to create new topsoil, conserving the soil that we have is essential...
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Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest

Packed with tools, resources, and the most current research, this book supports farmers as they make decisions relating to productivity, resilience, and their bottom lines.

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