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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Schematic showing measurable inputs (total photosynthate, shoots, roots) and Outputs (SOM changes).

Soil biology and soil organic matter; What do recent discoveries mean for soil management?

This Changes Everything. That is how everything is presented in today’s media. New cars, new policies, new science. An example of the latter are the recent advances in the field of soil microbiology, or...
Wheat residue on dry field

Rapid Evaluation of Winter Wheat Residue Decomposition Potential

Managing crop residue is essential to reduced and no-till farming systems that enhance soil health and reduce soil erosion. And growers in different parts of the dryland Pacific Northwest are likely seeking different residue characteristics. In most areas with less than 12 inches of annual precipitation, wheat is grown every other year, and land is fallowed in between to...
petri dish with white root hairs visible

Using Natural Defense Responses to Protect Against Pest Damage in Potatoes

Peptide elicitors are naturally occurring signaling compounds that act within plants to induce and amplify defense responses. If specific peptide elicitors could be identified and synthesized, they could be used to maximize plants’ natural immunity, providing a more sustainable approach to controlling disease caused by pathogens and...
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