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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Field of mustard

Without big biomass, green manures are a step backwards

A spindly mustard crop with few leaves will not give the big biomass needed for success. Photo: A. McGuire. Green manuring is the lesser-used option in cover cropping. Most cover crops are killed and left…
Understory of corn row in field

Soils under corn and tallgrass prairie; research to challenge our assumptions

How do soil microbial populations in corn compare to never-cultivated native tallgrass prairie? Photo: A. McGuire It is often thought that nature is diverse and that the move to agriculture reduces that diversity which results…
a patch of red and green leaf lettuce.

Organic Ag Snapshot for 2017

Organic agriculture in Washington State, as with the rest of the country and world, experienced continued growth in 2017, as we documented in our latest report. New records were reached for certified farms and acres…
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