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Science in action to improve the sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and food systems
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Welcome to the website of Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources. The Center has been working for two decades to bring sustainable solutions to the citizens and agricultural industry of Washington State, first under the leadership of part-time Directors David Bezdicek and Phil Crawford and then from 1999 – 2007 under the leadership of the first full-time Director Chris Feise.

The context for our work in sustainable agriculture is clearly different today than it was in 1991. Sustainability is an idea that is beginning to permeate mainstream society, including becoming a driving force behind the agriculture and food system and also the university. Our role as a university center has matured from being the “go-to place” for information on sustainable agriculture production practices to that of being a catalyst for cutting edge research and education on the critical issues facing agriculture, such as climate change, energy and water security, and improving technology and management knowledge that will make all of our agricultural production systems more sustainable.

Our faculty and affiliates are working on exciting projects including energy and nutrient recovery from organic wastes, improving the management of alternative marketing systems, use of biologically-based management practices and technologies to reduce pesticide use, “space-aged” technology for managing agricultural inputs, and the development of new, sustainable farming systems. The demand for innovation and problem-solving has never been greater – as our society faces unparalleled economic and environmental challenges. But this is also the most exciting time and place to be working in sustainable agriculture research and education and CSANR is definitely up to the challenge.

I encourage you to browse our site to learn about our programs, our people, and our research publications. If you’d like to read up on our recent accomplishments, please have a look at our annual reports.  You may also “like” us on Facebook and join the conversation on our blog to stay in touch and up to date. If you have general comments or questions, you can reach us at or 509-335-4605.

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Chad Kruger, Director