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Hop plant with stunted leaves and stems.

How What We Don’t Know Affects Our Ability to Prepare for Future Climates

Maintaining yields under stressful climate-driven conditions is important in Oregon State University’s aroma hop breeding program, as in most breeding programs. However, two other aspects drive the work of Dr. Shaun Townsend…
Close view of plant roots.

Why Hasn’t Biological Nitrogen Fixation Fixed Nitrogen Scarcity in the World?

Most environments are limited by the lack of nitrogen. This explains why the world stays green and why it pays to follow the nitrogen. But why is this so?
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The Basics of Carbon Markets and Trends: Something to Keep an Eye On

The ability to store carbon in soils—to sequester carbon—has been receiving increased attention lately, including on Recent posts included articles about potential for croplands in the inland Pacific Northwest to sequester carbon and an article on the emerging carbon markets and their relevance for fruit and vegetable producers.
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