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Expanding the Soil to Society Pipeline Strategy

Posted by Ali Schultheis | November 20, 2023
Soil to Society is not just a grant, but a strategy of thinking that addresses gaps in current knowledge and between research disciplines. The pipeline…

Where the Magic Happens: Climate-Smart Practices Funded through Sustainable Farms and Fields Program

Posted by Karen Hills | November 14, 2023
I recently wrote a blog post announcing that Sustainable Farms and Fields (SFF) had launched. This innovative program housed in the Washington State Conservation Commission…

Building Out a Plant-Forward Diet

Posted by Ali Schultheis | October 24, 2023
Throughout this Soil to Society series, we’ve discussed the grant’s goal of breeding varieties of wheat, barley, quinoa, buckwheat, lentils, and peas that are more…

Production and Food Science Faculty Unite to Train Next Generation

Posted by Doug Collins | October 3, 2023
WSU extension and research faculty recently wrapped up a multi-year High-Value Horticulture and Processing internship program. In total, 24 interns were hosted by WSU in…

Assessing the “Super” in Whole-Grain Superfoods

Posted by Ali Schultheis | September 18, 2023
We are halfway through our Soil to Society series, so let’s do a quick recap. Following along the Soil to Society pipeline, this grant is…

Growing Interest in Soil Health: An Appreciation-Based STEM Curriculum for Kids

Posted by Molly McIlquham | August 1, 2023
Soil health education for youth is vital to change the outlook and attitude of future generations toward soil stewardship. Soil health is linked to some…

Washington SoilCon and Virtual Engagement

Posted by Chris Benedict | December 13, 2022
The last two years taught us how to adapt to rapid changes in our daily lives, including the major pivot to remote education. Remote education…

Looking to the Future: AgAID Institute

Posted by Jordan Jobe | November 29, 2022
In September 2021, WSU began leadership of a new Agriculture-Artificial Intelligence (AI) research Institute: the AgAID Institute. As the growing population increases food demand, agriculture…

Water Markets: The Complexity of Trading Private Rights to a Public Good

Posted by Karie Boone | October 18, 2022
WSU researchers are examining water markets and barriers to their adoption as a potential strategy to adapt to climate changes. Those implementing water markets must…

The Climate Commitment Act is coming. How will it impact Washington agriculture?

Posted by Dani Gelardi | August 30, 2022
On January 1st, 2023, major portions of the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) will launch in Washington State. This ambitious law is part of Washington’s plan…
Now showing 1 - 10 of 97