Agroecology of Urban Food Farming: Engaging scientists, producers and educators in collaborative BIOAg research planning

This proposal outlines the planning phase for the Agroecology of Urban Food Farming(UFF) project (previously submitted) which will analyze the effectiveness of BIOAg practices on soil quality, food security, and socioeconomic resilience in Vancouver and Portland. This is consistent with WSU BIOAg program priorities of soil quality, food system resilience and sustainability in economically challenged communities. Urban agriculture (UA) could support the WSU Extension strategic goals of improving science literacy, community livelihoods and food security. Our integrated research will address multiple established dimensions of agroecology—BIOAg practices, soil science, and information delivery. This planning phase will enable us to operationalize our hypotheses in consultation with cooperators: soil science and farm researchers, urban farmers, educators, community garden coordinators and UA supporters. Building these relationships and collecting baseline data will inform the ongoing participatory research. Specific tasks of the planning phase include site visits in our region, conducting interviews, observing UA in key NW cities, and learning from other UA researchers. Analyzing data from interviews, meetings and site visits will help identify the most pressing issues. Planning grant outcomes include collaborative proposals to conduct research on the rapidly growing UA sector.

Grant Information

  • Project ID: 113
  • Project Status: Complete