Alternatives to Plastic Mulch for Organic Vegetable Production

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Miles, C., L. Nelson, and J. Reed. 2007. Alternatives to plastic mulch in vegetable production systems. HortScience 42(4):899.

Paper presented “Alternatives to plastic mulch in vegetable production systems,” American Society for Horticultural Sciences Annual Conference, July 16-19, 2007, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Degradable mulch incorporated into lecture Sustainable Vegetable Crop Production, Cultivating Success, and presented in 5 counties in 2007.

Two web pages were created based on information gained through this study:

Additional Funds Leveraged

Sunshine Paper $1,000

USDA SCRI $2,097,183.

Miles, C. 2006. Investigating degradable mulches for organic vegetable production. WSCPR. $15,355.

Miles, C. and A. Schwartz. 2005. Alternative mulches for weed control in vegetable production. WSCPR, $14,691.

Miles, C. 2007. Evaluation of alternative mulches for weed control in organic vegetable production. NARF. $3,500.


We have determined that degradable cornstarch and paper mulches may be allowed in organic systems, depending on their formulations. Degradable plastic products are not compliant with organic certification. Based on our results, manufacturing companies have redesigned their mulch products, and are test marketing in Washington state. Several growers have purchased paper mulch to experiment on their own farms.