Combined Soils and High Residue Farming Workshop and Summary Publication

An increasing number of Columbia Basin farmers and crop consultants are interested in building soil quality and high residue farming in irrigated cropping systems (2015 survey results).  Since 2007, we have held several successful Building Soils for Better Crops workshops, as well as a series of high residue farming workshops starting in 2004. Both efforts have stressed soil quality. We continued these efforts by through a one-day workshop on Nov. 29th, 2016 in Moses Lake, WA. The topics were: nutrient placement, emerging soil amendments, humic substances, soil organic matter, soil acidification, soil health at NRCS, the economics of soil building, and soil improvement practices in the Columbia Basin. 124 people attended the conference. We summarized the take-home messages and visuals from each presentation and included those in a quickly scannable, on-line publication.

Grant Information

  • Project ID: 164
  • Project Status: Complete



Summary publication (pdf) posted online on the CSANR website