Developing Elementary-Level Curriculum in Soil (Health) Appreciation

It’s our Future that’s at stake” was the rallying cry of tens of thousands of students in cities nationwide just a few days ago as they coordinated a global climate strike. The youth of the world are worried, and rightly so, regarding the future of our planet.  This is why targeting elementary-age students with a solutions-based Soil Health science curriculum is not only timely, but essential in changing the outlook and attitude of future generations towards soils and the importance of soil stewardship. Soil Health is inextricably linked to some of the most important issues facing our planet and future generations, from a warming climate and increasing extreme weather events, to toxic build up of waste streams and contaminants, to fresh air and water, to the very food quantity and quality on our tables each and every day. As it stands now, student enter college with little to no comprehension of the importance of soils in our every day lives, with desire to address global issues, but without the toolbox to even understand where the roots of the issues lie.  We will develop a series of simple, soils based STEM curriculum targeting elementary school-age children through partners in the Palouse region, to learn what is most effective and eventually leverage more extensive programs across the state while also establishing web-based tools for educators and children to engage in soil science and soils education.

Grant Information

  • Project ID: 193
  • Project Status: Complete


  • Principal Investigator(s): Sullivan, T.
  • Investigator(s): Pan, B.
  • Grant Amount: $10,000