Mapping Colorado potato beetle to promote proactive management in potato

Potatoes are one of the highest value crops grown in Washington, but growers face threats from pests such as Colorado potato beetle (CPB). Because potatoes are an annual crop that grows for only 4-5 months, these pests live outside of crop fields from approximately September to May, and adults migrate into fields in late spring when non-irrigated hosts wilt. Potato growers would benefit from models that predict CPB arrival in fields and when damage is likely to commence. Our project addresses this by assessing the population dynamics of CPB to generate map-based forecasts that predict where and when dispersal will occur. Our project will also provide real-time information to growers to allow them to estimate when key life stages will be present so they can enact successful and targeted management programs.

Grant Information

  • Project ID: 219
  • Project Status: Ongoing