Pasture Improvement through Pastured Poultry

Grant Information

  • Project ID: 074
  • Project Status: Complete


  • Principal Investigator(s): VanVleet, S.
  • Grant Amount: $2,150


Maple K farms has had several sustainable agriculture tours on his place. The NACAA SARE Fellows (8 Nationally recognized SARE Extension educators from the four regions of the U.S.) visited Maple K farms and did a farm evaluation on sustainability. This farm was ranked very high in sustainable practices. The pastured poultry program has brought recognition to Maple K farms as a holistic managed operation that raises quality eggs. Maple K farms is now able to market the eggs locally for $4.00 a dozen. The poultry has also reduced Maple K inputs for insect control by using the chicken grazing in the corrals and nearby grazing pastures.