Soil Quality Network 2014

WSU Mount Vernon and Skagit County Extension are hosting Soil Quality Network 2014, third in a series of annual soil quality workshops. This event will be limited to 100 participants, and targeted at farmers and agriculture professionals. In addition to providing training about the many facets of soil quality on the farm, this will be an opportunity to determine future soil education needs for NW Washington farmers and determine the best ways to help fill these needs.

Topics of this one-day workshop will include: understanding soil quality on the farm, soil biology and plant health, cover crops, compost, and hands-on assessment of soil quality. As a way to supplement the live workshop with take-home curriculum, all participants will receive a hard copy of “Building Soils for Better Crops” by Fred Magdoff and Harold Van Es. They will also receive a USB drive that contains all of the workshop presentations, select Extension bulletins and other supporting resources.


Grant Information

  • Project ID: 141
  • Project Status: Complete