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Dairies to Berries: Dairy-Manure Derived Fertilizers for Use in Raspberry and Blueberry Cropping Systems – Evaluation for Agronomic, Soil Health and Food Safety Efficacy

Benedict, C, Yorgey, G, Zhu, MJ, Zhang, Y, Tsai, H-C, Stacey, N, Su, Y, Sheng, L, Shen, X, Schacht, E, Kruger, C, Hills, K, Drennan,…

Evaluation of Pre-harvest Microbiological Safety of Blueberry Production With or Without Manure-Derived Fertilizer

Shen, X, Sheng, L, Benedict, C, Kruger, CE, Su, Y, Schacht, E, Zhang, Y, Zhu, MJ. 2020. Evaluation of Pre-harvest Microbiological Safety of Blueberry Production…

Trends and Economics of Washington State Organic Blueberry Production

Brady, M., E. Kirby, and D. Granatstein.  WSU Extension Fact Sheet FS154E. April 2015.

Recent Trends in Certified Organic Tree Fruit: Washington State 2014

Kirby, E. and D. Granatstein.  Current statistics on organic tree fruit acreage trends, varieties, shipments, prices, and exports. Includes global area data as well as cost…

Productivity, economics, and fruit and soil quality of weed management systems in commercial organic orchards in Washington State, USA

Granatstein, D., P. Andrews, and A. Groff. May 2014. Organic Agriculture. DOI 10.1007/s13165-014-0068-0

Evaluation of day-neutral cultivars for organic strawberry production in Washington

Hoashi-Erhardt, W.K.,  P.P.Moore, D.P.Collins, A.I.Bary, and C.G.Cogger.  2013.  Acta Horticulturae (ISHS) 1001:167-174

Status of Organic Tree Fruit in Washington State

Kirby, E. and D. Granatstein. 2012. EM046E, Washington State University Extension.

2nd International Organic Fruit Research Symposium 2012

eOrganic conducted live broadcasts from the 2nd International Organic Fruit Research Symposium in Leavenworth, Washington on June 19 and 21, 2012. The recorded presentations from…

Proceedings of the 2nd International Organic Fruit Symposium 2012

D. Granatstein, P.K. Andrews, S.D. Bishop, W. Janisiewicz, editors. June 2012. Acta Horticulturae 1001.  Article abstracts available online; full articles available for purchase or through…

Stability of anthocyanins in frozen and freeze-dried raspberries during long-term storage: In relation to glass transition

Syamaladevi, R. M., Sablani, S. S., Tang, J., Powers, J. and Swanson, B. G. 2011. Journal of Food Science 76: 414-421.
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