Combined Soil Quality Workshops for Irrigated Ag

CSANR Project 110

Status: Complete

Project Summary

Columbia Basin farmers and the people that supply and support them are very interested in how to build soil quality (a BioAg priority area) in irrigated cropping systems. The WSU irrigated ag email system has 433 subscribers to the soil quality/health topic area, more than all but one of the 42 available topics. We have held several successful Building Soils for Better Crops workshops in the past as well as a series of high residue farming workshops. Both efforts have stressed soil quality. Now, to better serve this clientele we want to offer a 3-day series of workshops covering several aspects of building soil quality. The first day would cover soil organic matter (the basis of soil quality), Soil C and N cycles, and soil management principles. Then, building on these principles, we would offer a full day workshop on using cover crops and green manures to build soils. Finally, as a method of both building and conserving organic matter, the third day workshop would cover the basics of high residue farming. Attendees will be able to choose to attend any combinations of workshops that they desire. This series of workshops would take place on consecutive days in December, at the Advanced Technologies Education Center of Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA.

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Principal Investigator: Andy McGuire
Additional Investigator: David Granatstein
Progress Report:
Grant Amount: $5,000