Use of oxidized bio-chars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and attenuate the transport of Escherichia coli in soils

CSANR Project 108

Status: Complete

Project Summary

This project addresses one Priority of the BioAg program: Integration of Livestock-Crop Integration and two topics covered by the Climate Friendly Farming program: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Sequestration, Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas) and Biochar (pyrolysis).

This project will generate preliminary data on the effect oxidized bio-chars will have on greenhouse gases (GHG)s emissions specifically (CO2) methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) as well as the role biochar could play in reducing the migration of microbial pathogens in soils. Understanding these interactions are important not only to reduce the effect of pathogens that may be collected from the effluents of AD but also to mitigate GHG and the diffusion of pathogens contained in Livestock manure that may be generated when integrating Livestock with crop-systems.

Annual Entries


Principal Investigator: Manuel Garcia-Perez
Additional Investigators: Nehal Abu-Lail
Ann-Marie Fortuna
Jim Harsh
Progress Report:
Grant Amount: $10,000