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Topic: Crops

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Nitrogen Supply and Partitioning in Managed Understories of Organic Apples

Sustainable methods of nitrogen (N) fertility and weed management in organic production systems remain a challenge. Composted animal manures are commonly used to supply N,…

Evaluating vegetable varieties for organic systems

Farmers in Washington are looking to diversify crops to meet demand for organic, local and direct market production. Two crops that can meet these needs…

Cover Crops for Weed Management in Organic and Transition Systems

Cover crops are a locally grown source of organic matter and nitrogen and a weed management tool. Despite these benefits, many organic farmers have not…

Evaluating and developing varieties for organic systems

Organic Transition Rotations for Northwestern Washington

Two three-year rotations are being investigated for suitability for organic transition in northwestern Washington. Cover crop growth was greater and resulted in better weed suppression…

Understory Management in Organic Tree Fruits and Other Woody Perennials

Weed control and fertility management have been identified as priority research needs by Washington organic orchardists. Mechanical weed control has been the standard practice, often…

Weed Management in organic dryland spring wheat

Organic grain production in Washington State was limited to less than 2500 acres as of 2001, and has not been well represented in the university…

Organic Seed Production and Quality

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