2017 In Review

WSU CSANR '17 Annual Report cover image including enlarged wheat background 2017 was an incredibly busy and productive year for us at CSANR, and I’m pleased to be able to share some of what we accomplished through our 2017 annual report PDF. Among the highlights:

  • Laura Lewis was named the leader of the new WSU Food Systems Program, and Kirti Rajagopalan joined us as an assistant research professor to co-lead our evolving work on climate and water resources.
  • Marcy Ostrom and David Granatstein co-taught a graduate-level Agroecology class.
  • We funded 9 BIOAg projects led by WSU colleagues, including projects to: increase legume nodulation for improved symbiotic nitrogen fixation (Mike Kahn); evaluate the impact of border vegetation patterns on blueberries (Lisa DeVetter); and explore sustainable crop-livestock integration in the dryland areas of the inland Pacific Northwest (Haiying Tao).

Cover image of book. Background image is rolling field of green at sunset with pink clouds

Though not in the report, we collaborated with fellow CSANR colleagues Chad Kruger, Elizabeth Kirby, Liz Allen, Kirti Rajagopalan, and 35 other co-authors from WSU, UI, OSU, and USDA, to publish a book summarizing recent advances in dryland farming, “Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest” (EM108). It is now available online and in print.


We invite you to explore this year’s annual report to learn more! Thank you for your ongoing interest in our work.


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