Biologically Intensive Agriculture & Organic Farming (BIOAg)


BIOAg is the flagship Grant Program of the WSU Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources. The goal of BIOAg is to engage a broad, interdisciplinary spectrum of WSU faculty in projects that further the development, understanding, and use of biologically-intensive and/or organic principles, practices, and technologies to improve the sustainability of agriculture and food systems in Washington State. In addition, BIOAg funding is used to meet three objectives: to stimulate new research initiatives, to augment critical gaps in existing areas of knowledge, and to move existing, game-changing research out into the real world.

Biologically Intensive = farming practices and systems that rely on biological processes which are renewable, non-polluting, and mutually beneficial to both farmers and society.

Past and current BIOAg projects can be found in the CSANR Grants Database.