2023 BIOAg Award Announcement

Cows walking through a grassy path in a forest
Livestock integration, soil health, and increased understanding of sustainable practices are the main points of research in this year’s BIOAg cohort. Photo licensed under Adobe Education License.

One of the clearest examples of CSANR impact is through BIOAg, a competitive grant program designed to promote research, education, and Extension work in biologically intensive, organic, and sustainable agriculture systems.

In the last five years alone, BIOAg projects have leveraged over $24 million through federally funded grants, state initiatives, and university projects based on an initial Center investment of $2 million. We believe the BIOAg program is essential in creating and maintaining momentum for innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture and building opportunities for WSU faculty to create national impact. BIOAg investigators represent over 22 departments, schools, colleges, and agencies across WSU and Washington state, bringing together a broad range of disciplines to further engage actionable research.

The 2023 cohort of funded projects focus on management for soil health, livestock integration, and increasing our understanding of diverse sustainable practices. To learn more about each project, visit the project descriptions linked below, visit the CSANR Grant Database for previously funded projects, and make sure you subscribe to the Perspectives on Sustainability Blog for upcoming stories of BIOAg in action!

2023 Funded Projects:


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